“Successful people are fearless, they fight their fears,

they are not scared of failure, they do not care what people say

because people change what they think all the time.”

–Imran Khan

Imran Khan, in-spite of his many manifest limitations – political sagacity, sense of timing and opportunity being some of these areas – is still central to the future of his party, which in turn is key to keeping Pakistan’s fledgling democracy on track. For him, democracy meant an escape from the tyranny of one-party rule, where absolute power can cause absolute arrogance and spawn a culture of impunity and unaccountability. Without the fear of genuine competition to hold over power, the PML-N is sure to become as insufferable as a party with two-thirds majority can be in a system like ours.

Initially, Imran Khan and his party made sure that the country was aware that it needed less of power politics and more of productive politics. For them that was closer to creating economic and social space for their worthiest aspirations, and, just as importantly, inspiring hopes and dreams about a stable future.

That’s what Imran Khan and the PTI were supposed to bring to the national scene. This aim has not been met, where it makes it crucial that Imran Khan and the PTI once again, stay as serious as they before , and become strong contenders for political ascendency disallowing ,one party to dominate completely the system.