When we talk about food it’s our natural instinct to imagine fancy, scrumptious, mouthwatering, flaming hot dishes filled with roasted lamb and chicken coming straight our way. I went to Arcadian Café hoping to find something similar and the restaurant lived up to my expectations 100%

The environment:

The environment was serine and classy. The restaurant radiates an aura of a fine dining restaurant combined with that of a café creating the perfect blend. This compliments the food present on the menu as well.

The food:

I ordered red dragon chicken with mint margaritas, which was in a true sense a treat to my taste buds. The chicken was perfectly cooked and was smothered with a very sweet and hot red sauce that had the perfect balance of spices and herbs.

For dessert, if you haven’t heard it already, their molten lava cake is absolutely divine. The chocolate oozes out of a perfectly baked, soft cake leaving you craving for more.

The quality and quantity was good that one could easily savour it up to one’s fill. The presentation was also up to the mark with balanced ingredients.

Damage to the pocket:

I found mint margaritas and other fancy drinks a bit overpriced. No doubt it was good but being a student we ought to take care of our pockets. If you are passionate about exploring new places and trying something different other than typical desi food, this place is worth a visit.

Overall rating: 8/10