Pakistan is an agriculture country blessed with four seasons- with the land enriched with natural resources; It is a country having more than 97 % Muslims following Islamic rules, Zakat is included in 5 pillars of Islam, which apparently shows that Pakistan has a well distributed wealth, but the ground reality is exactly opposite. The poverty level in Pakistan is increasing day by day and more than 40 % people within the country are living their lives below it.

The wealth distribution in Pakistan is presenting a situation where one family is looking for new BMW, while another family is looking for a one time meal. Poverty in Pakistan is increasing day by day, and because of hunger more than thousands of people commit suicide with their families.

There are many examples of poverty in Pakistan such as in Lahore:

A mother killed her two children because of poverty, as her husband had no job to fulfill their basic needs and feed them once in a day. This only one example that I have given, but now a days the whole newspaper is full of such example.

Poverty in Pakistan revealed that every third Pakistani is living his life below the poverty line. Baluchistan which is considered as the land of minerals is facing a serious issue of poverty, 52 % of total population in Baluchistan living below the poverty line, 33 % of Sindh population are living below the poverty line followed by KPK having 32 % ratio. Punjab which is considered as the urban area is also having 19 % population which are living below the poverty line.

Poverty rate is being increasing day by day and over government is doing nothing to cut it down. I think that Pakistan government should make a policy to give everyone a respectable earning to atleast feed their families.


Lahore, November 24.