General Pervez Musharraf was appointed by Mr Nawaz Sharif as Army chief superseding a couple of senior Generals who were equally eligible for the job from a military point of view. Hence, it was not the military institution, but the judgment of Mr Sharif that can be held responsible for the subsequent coup which had eliminated his government in 1999. By appointing a general from a political angle in order to safeguard his interests he not only ignored the principle of seniority but also misjudged in assessing the real mindset of a general being appointed.  

The Sharifs while in fact they were themselves responsible for choosing a wrong person for an important job and it is needless to say that the country also suffered a lot in the hands of a wrong person who occupied the power through force. It is now all history. Mr Sharif again in year the 2013 appointed Raheel Sharif as COAS over two senior generals. Perhaps this time, he did this for both merit and personal reasons. Although the appointment of Gen Raheel proved not to be so comfortable for Mr Sharif, yet, the General would be leaving the office with unprecedented appreciation and respect from the people.  

Now again, Mr Nawaz Sharif has to appoint a new COAS in couple of days and considering his past record, one can safely assess that his choice for general would be more relying on his personal agenda over real merit. So the people of country should be worried for committing another mistake by persuading him of his expediency to achieve absolute rule in the country. 


Karachi, November 2.