PR LAHORE - A consultation session was held with media by the Punjab government and Micronutrient Initiative on the Importance of Universal Salt Iodization Programme.

The session was attended by large number of journalists and government officers. Media was given orientation on the benefits of Iodine for physical and mental health.

Provincial MI Manager Dr Tariq Mahmood said iodine deficiency in pregnant women could lead to abnormal fetal development, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, goiter and increased mortality. The developing fetus could suffer from defects of speech and hearing and other defects due to Iodine deficiency. Children and adolescents can suffer from increased mortality, mental retardation, stunted growth, retarded physical development, goiter and low IQ. EDO (Health) Dr Saeed Akhtar said the government was committed to improving the status of edible salt with Iodine andf was strictly monitoring salt producers through its field staff in all 36 districts.