Today, in this modern world, no city of any province has remained facilitated especially with electricity, water or internet; they should be provided to every home of every city. There is a small area namely “Kholowai Bazar” in Turbat, which might be one fourth of the whole of Turbat that lacks the basic needed facility of electricity. The transformer of this area has been out of order for three months. Previous they had collected money and repaired it, but unluckily both times it went out of order.

And now a complete three months’ duration has passed but this area is still deprived of what is assumed to be the most essential part of a human beings’ life in the modern world. Moreover, a middle school is also situated in the same area which too is facing several problems owing to the unavailability of electricity. The students of this school are very much disturbed and they are unable to fully concentrate on their classes. Thus I request to the WAPADA of Turbat to figure out this problem and make the students and other residents get released from this worrisome and disturbing issue.


Turbat, November 2.