KAMALIA-Temporary markets and makeshift stalls of used clothes have been set up at various locations here with the arrival of winter. The used items attract low-income people those wish to get imported clothes at low prices. Warm clothes, shoes, shawls, coats and other items are available at these markets.

Many of these stalls have been set up at different places on Kamalia-Chichawatni Road, Tota Bazaar, Grain Market Road and near THQ Kamalia. Buyers said that as soon as winter arrives, prices of warm clothes go up in the main market so those cannot afford to buy expensive items come to these markets of imported clothes.

The vendors said that they usually try to keep the prices very low to accommodate the visitors. They lamented that the government has imposed taxes on used clothes thus many items have become costly. However, they said, people flock here in huge numbers and purchase different items.

Women, kids protest gas outages

Hundreds of women and children protested against unscheduled gas outages at Naya Bazaar and Tota Bazaar here on Saturday.

The protesters were carrying cooking utensils and pots the protesters were of the view that no gas is available during early morning which makes preparing meals and breakfast very difficult for them. They said that children are forced to go to schools without breakfast while employees have to leave empty stomach causing outrage among the citizens.

They raised slogans against the government, and demanded that government should stop gas supply completely if it cannot provide adequate gas for domestic consumers. They complained that they are forced to burn woods which causes smoke and it is also very expensive and hard to arrange. They demanded the government shout end gas load shedding for homes immediately.