We all are aware of the political chaos that has been generated by the respective political parties such as PML-N and PTI. Our nation is quiet habitual of seeing these staged protests and upheaving political scenarios. However, the new trend initiated by these political parties is the common use of the foul language that breaches all ethical and cultural standards. Due to the media these parties get a huge platform to raise their concerns.  

Globally Pakistan is represented as the country that is constantly in a state of war. This totally affects our economy and tourism. These political leaders represent our country and such exploitative behavior is affecting the image of Pakistan as a nation. The media is given to you as a liberty to vocally express your views but not to deteriorate Pakistan’s morals. Cultural values and norms are built with much effort. It is a generous request to all the political parties; that if you can’t do anything to expand our culture and moral values then at least you have no right to destroy what good is left of it. 


Islamabad, October 27.