LAHORE - The PPP-Workers, a faction of the PPP, headed by Dr Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan, celebrated party’s foundation day on Tuesday, a day before the actual day which is November 30. 

A good number of die-hard party workers including Qayyum Nizami, Farooq Kashif, Asif Butt and others gathered at Lahore Press Club to mark the day.

Through a resolution passed on the occasion, they reiterated their resolve to throw out the current rotten political system which according to them had failed to provide social justice. They urged people to come out on roads against the cruel system which only protected the interests of the powerful elite.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Safdar Abbasi said that the PPP under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari had deviated from the founding principles of the party.

 “We will fight against those who have hijacked the party of Z.A Bhutto”, he said, adding that their struggle against the corrupt system will also continue side by side.