ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed Sindh Health Secretary to release salaries of three staff members of the Ghotki Health Department and submit compliance report by Wednesday (today).

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali heard the petitions of the workers of the health departments of Jacobabad and Ghotki districts.

Abdul Ghani, an affected person, said that he had been working at the DHQ Civil Hospital, Mirpur Mathelo, as a dispenser but the medical superintendent of the hospital and the director-general health transferred him and other two to Kund Kot.

They said the three had not paid their salary for the last three months.

Justice Hani asked the Sindh Health Secretary Muhammad Usman Chachar, to undo their transfer notice today (Tuesday), otherwise he would be in trouble.

The court ordered the secretary to suspend the MS DHQ Civil Hospital and the DG Health Department, Ghotki for blocking the salaries of the staff.

The hearing was adjourned till Wednesday.


Interestingly, around 276 bogus appointments were made in Jacobabad and 46 in Ghotki health departments, according to the respective district health department inquiry reports conducted four months ago on court orders.

According to the reports, many employees, who do not go to work, were still drawing salaries regularly.

The chief justice addressing the Sindh Advocate-General Zamir Ghumro said: “In your and my province there is no limit to nepotism and corruption.”

He said that it seemed the Sindh government were waiting for two months to pass [when he would retire].

The AG Sindh contended that the Sindh Anti-Corruption Department had take action against corrupt officers in Jacobabad and Ghotki.

However, Justice Hani Muslim, another member of the bench, remarked that how come the director Anti-Corruption (Sindh) could proceed when he himself was being prosecuted by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The inquiry reports had revealed that people were appointed without jobs being advertised and interviews conducted and the same were later promoted, adjusted and were issued fake service structure on bogus documents.

It said that 46 persons from the same Chadhar family were inducted in the Ghotki Health Department.

The report also mentioned that a man by the name Deedar with two CNICs had been working on two posts of the health department.