Lahore-Ajoka theatre’s latest presentation intizaar (The Wait) premiered in Alhamra hall 2 succeeded in getting the critical and public acclaim. Prominent personalities from different walk of life like Human rights, judiciary and fine arts admire the play 's theme, message and performances of the young star cast.

With the tagline “You can’t take away what you cannot give” the play was based on capital punishment (death penalty) and highlighted the flaws in investigation and the other systems. The characters of intizaar are death row inmates of a Pakistani prison, their miserable existence and their resilience and courage to make their meaningless lives somewhat meaningful.

There is a prisoner who can paint, another who can compose and sing, yet another who spends all his times studying and teaching others. But there are other inmates who are there in violation of Pakistani and international laws: the juveniles, the physically handicapped and mentally ill. There are other characters whose lives are connected with the death convicts, the families who are asked to collect the dead bodies of their relatives.

One character which gives hope in this depressing situation is the lawyer who is devoted to work to seek relief and justice for unfortunate victims of social and institutional injustice. All stories of “Intizaar” were based on true stories; however their names have been changed for reasons of privacy and legal factors.

The play was written and co-directed by ajoka executive director Shahid Nadeem, who skillfully used the evergreen poetry of literary legends like Mirza Asad ullah khan Ghalib, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz to enrich the story. Dialogues reflecting the emotions of suffering, injustice and of wait got instant consideration. The cast of the play includes Usman Zia, Nayyab Faiza, Mishal Khan, Sohail Tariq, Muzamil Shabbier, Usman Chaudhry, Bilal Mishal and others.

Shahid Nadeem said that Intezaar is a unique project which has brought four organizations committed to the cause of human rights and socially meaningful art:  Supported and coordinated by Justice Project Pakistan and Highlight Arts, London, the project has been developed by the creative partners: ajoka Theatre Pakistan and Complicite , London.

Human right activist Hussain Naqi said, “Ajoka theatre have always raised its voice for important issues confronting by the society and this particular play intizaar is very promising for human rights commission of Pakistan. The HRCP has been working for a moratorium on Capital Punishment since its beginning 1986 and it is very hopeful that ajoka have also thrown light on this sensitive issue through a wonderful play ,” he said.