Bilal Ashraf’s take on his role as rock star

November 30, 2017


Bilal Ashraf’s take on his role as rock star
Bilal Ashraf’s take on his role as rock star

LAHORE-Bilal Ashraf is a man of many dreams for many people. In less than a decade the actor has proved his mettle by experimenting his acting talent in different genres and essaying memorable characters. His performances in films like 021, Janaan and more recently, Yalghaar has earned him appreciation and millions of fans across the globe. In an exclusive interview with The Nation the actor talks about his upcoming film Rangreeza which is set to release on December 21. Following are the excerpts:

Tell me something about your role in Rangreeza?

I’m the playing the role of Ali Zain, who is a pop rock star and takes you to a magical musical journey. The character has drama, romance and is full of action. I feel through this role people will learn many things. I learnt to play guitar. It took me five months to learn how to play guitar. Working in film meant a lot of hard work.

What was one factor that made you sign Rangreeza?

The main thing was unlike any character I haven’t played the role of a musician, which was a new challenge for me. It is not every day you get a chance to play with strong musicians like Abida Perveen and Asrar Shah.

Share some memorable

moments from the film?

One of the most memorable moments of the film was when I did shooting of the title track of Rangreeza. I dedicated my performance to legend Junaid Jamshed. That song was fun and it’s one of the best performances for me till now.

It is said you rejected a numbers of drama serials, do you think Pakistan film industry has enough to offer it terms of money and diversity?

If it doesn’t have enough to offer in terms of money and diversity then I’m going to create it. I’m not against acting in dramas but what I feel is I don’t have an aptitude of it.

You worked in Yalghaar as a visual effect director, would you like to continue behind the camera?

I’m still working subconsciously behind the camera. I think it’s very important for actors to own a film because Rangreeza is a project of passion and the audience is going to love it.

What’s your take on

item numbers?

I don’t think there is anything wrong by showing item numbers in our films. People of our country would love to download the ringtones of item numbers from films made across the border but when an item number is performed in their own films they start criticizing which is double standard.

Actors are always up for

judgment? Does it bother you?

You’re going to be vilified, you’re going to be glorified and held responsible for things that you say or don’t say. That’s the part of the public life you have chosen. The main thing is how you deal with it. I like to work for my fans, hoping that many will come to watch my movies.

As an actor what keeps

you motivated?

I have a career that’s made up of so many different things. Each experience becomes a part of my professional life. As an actor, I’d like to be part of films that will help me leave behind an amazing body of work.

Would you like to share about your upcoming projects?

I’m reading the scripts of few action and comedy films so let’s see which one do I choose.