Pakistan needs foreign investment, no matter where it comes, for maintaining and sustaining pace of economic growth and for continuation of accelerated developmental activities in different parts of the country. 

It is indeed quite good to note that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has surged as high as 74 per cent during the just ended first four months of the current financial year July to October, 2017. 

The country received 939.7 million dollars during the four months this fiscal as compared to 538.7 million in the same period last year. 

According to the reports in the media quoting the country’s central bank data, the inflow from China alone rose to 631.7 million dollars mainly through Chinese companies working on different China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects across the country during this period indicating a high jump of 225 per cent when compared to rather somewhat meager amount of 194.6 million dollars during corresponding period of 2016-17. Beijing is investing heavily in power sector and investment of 422.4 million dollars in this sector alone works out to be 45 per cent of the total FDI during the period under report as compared to 187.4 million dollars during the corresponding period of FY 17. Other sectors including construction, telecommunications, oil and gas exploration and financial business also received DFI in varying figures . 

In all fairness, Pakistan has been expecting to receive huge and quite encouraging response from the international investors of countries across the globe following restoration of peace but somewhat unpleasant vulnerable political situation may create difficulties in attracting foreign investment in accordance with the high expectations of the economic managers team of the federal government. If the political stability prevails in the country the high inflow of foreign direct investment will certainly increase quite appreciably. Thanks. 


Lahore, November 17.