LAHORE - The Punjab Prosecution Department is in the process of preparing a summary for the chief minister to fill the posts of additional prosecutor general, deputy prosecutor general and deputy district prosecutor by way of transfer of eligible officers to the vacant posts.

Previously, these posts were filled either through promotion or initial recruitment. Approval in this regard was accorded at a meeting of the Service rules Committee of the S&GAD last week with the regulations secretary in the chair.

The committee recommended that the Public Prosecution Department may initiate work on a summary for the chief minister to get his approval for the proposed amendments to the rules as per the laid down procedure.

The committee also considered service rules of the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) and Archives & Libraries Department. The representative of the PPSC proposed amendment to the service rules for senior psychologist. He informed the meeting that since the holder of the post of senior psychologist deals with all policy matters pertaining to psychological evaluation of candidates and maintains close liaison with the recruitment and examination branches, the post in question should be filled through initial recruitment instead of by promotion.

However, the representative of the law department and Regulation Wing of the S&GAD opposed the proposal with the contention that under the existing rules the post in question can be filled through initial recruitment if none is available for promotion. The committee didn’t recommend the amendment.

The Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment sought amendment to the service rules for the post of ASI, stating that service of constables should be counted for promotion to the posts of ASIs. The representative of the PPSC opposed the proposal on the ground that since head constable was the feeding cadre, regular service as head constable needs to be counted instead of constable for promotion to the posts of ASIs. The committee also rejected this proposal. However, the committee said the duration of regular service can be reduced from seven years as per requirement of the job. The secretary for archives and libraries initiated a move to add qualification of information management to the schedule in respect of the posts of chief librarian, instructor of foreign languages, librarian and section in-charge and assistant librarian. He proposed addition of the relevant degree of information management.

The committee approved this amendment to the service rules .