Islamabad - Rangers are still on high alert on roads leading to Faizabad Interchange to cope with any untoward situation after the activists of the TLYR left the venue following a 22-day long sit-in.

The Rangers’ deployment is only for security purposes, said a senior police officer on condition of anonymity. He said that the security personnel would be keeping an eye on post-sit-in developments at the interchange for some days.

The protesters had left the sit-in venue on Monday, leaving behind tons of garbage and foul smell that irritated the passersby for a couple of days.

On the other side, Metro Bus Service resumed its operation after more than three weeks of suspension, though Faizabad Station is still non-operational. Metro buses do not stop at the station and the commuters have to opt for other nearby metro stations to avail the facility. Repair work is underway as the protesters had damaged infrastructure at the station. The elevator, lift and central area of the station was damaged by the protesters during the sit-in.

Meanwhile, Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal said during a visit to the centre of Counter-Terrorism Force at Islamabad Police Lines on Wednesday that a 2,000-strong anti-riot police force would be raised to maintain peace in the federal capital in future. He said this.

The minister said that foolproof security would be ensured to the residents of Islamabad. He said that the Counter-Terrorism Force was established in the backdrop of the terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar.

The personnel of this force have received training from Pakistan Army and they are capable enough to tackle the challenge of terrorism effectively, the minister said, adding that women were also part of the new force, who, he said, were equally contributing towards elimination of terrorism.  Ahsan Iqbal emphasised that only the state could declare and carry out Jehad in an Islamic country. He said that the enemy was using all tactics against Pakistan, calling upon the cops to excel in professionalism to counter the threat.