Democracy usually pronounced as jamhooriat is one of the ideologies and systems upon which Pakistan was sought to be established in 1947 as a nation-state, as envisaged by the leader and founding father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam. Pakistan constitutionally is a democratic parliamentary republic with its political system based on an elected form of governance. However, in past history there have been deviations from democracy in the form of military coups and political uncertainty. Today Pakistan is the one of the newest functioning democracies since 2008, with the first democratic elections held in 2013 to complete a 5 year term for the first time in its political history. As of current status, Pakistan is also the 5th largest and is also the largest Majoritarian democracy and (non-liberal) in the world and perhaps considered as the world’s largest Islamic democracy within the Muslim world as opposed to a modern liberal democracy, such as modern Republic of Turkey, with its western orientated values.

Pakistan’s political structure has two eras’ democracy and dictatorship. Democracy is a political system ruled by the people, either directly or through elected representative. While the second is the form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator. They are not restricted by laws, constitution and opposition etc. Pakistan came into being before 71 years but still we are not able to develop the best institution of politics in our society. Since independence we are debating which system is better for Pakistan. Some people believe that democracy is the best political structure while some are in favor of military dictatorship. The most difficult challenge for Pakistan is to establish a true democratic system, which could assure its endurance, stability and development. Regrettably, the plant of democracy in Pakistan has not taken its roots deep enough to make the country a strong democratic state, regardless of this fact that Pakistan thrived in the soil of democracy. Pakistan was envisioned on the basis of Islam. It is very unfortunate and sad that the plant seeded by Quaid-e-Azam and watered by the blood of millions of Muslim men and women has not prospered in the country.

Pakistan’s economic growth since its inception has been varied. It has been slow during periods of democratic transition, but robust during the three periods of martial law, moreover the foundation for sustainable and equitable growth was not formed. If we compare dictatorship with current democracy of Pakistan, the economy functioned much better in a dictatorship. Decisions were taken much faster. The work flow was much quicker. If we recall the era of Ayub Khan, Pakistan developed into a progressive country and much of the development, especially in the industrial sector, which has refunded Pakistan in attractive exports revenues even till now. Some mega projects like the construction of Mangla Dam, the Karachi Steel Mills, Oil refineries and above all construction of a new capital at Islamabad are also credited to him. But the weakest point in a dictatorship is lack of moral and legal authority of the dictator & no proper mechanism to change leadership. Change of leadership is necessity for any system to bring in fresh vision, thoughts and initiatives.

If we talk about democracy it’s called the best kind of policy to run a country. But unfortunately member of parliaments and member of cabinets try to enhance their personality with powerful values in front of their lower class people. In this regard they have to adjust a lot of people in government jobs. It is compromising promise to groups of voters even more they do not hesitate to break the laws, In this concern they mostly depute their own officers in local government and in police. In this regard they have to obey their legal or illegal order, that’s why the society suffers by the inequality, the reason and example is the previous year’s horrible condition of Karachi. Where mostly people have to suffer by these smooth criminals even they don’t understand they are going to break the law or going above the law.

They just understand they are the member of elected democracy and they have right to do wrong and right. More over constitution does not allow any kind of person or personality to go above these limits. These people create hurdles to get equality in society on other hands the second group is crucially suffered by the special favor of these persons by taking personal care for these people which are against them. That’s why society takes step into different category and groups. So the law n order situation is hard to maintain, the level of social crime takes the level of enhancement and everybody feel unsecure.

While people of society are moving out for their work, business or either they are moving with their family if there is a fearful atmosphere around in country then it is noticed by national or international media. So the international investor and groups do not take participation to invest in particular country. So in result the economic growth suffers and GDP rate turn into difference of lower position. Moreover Due to lack of Electricity Pakistan is going low in the race of international exportable market. Now the existing rate of dollar is unbearable for the stability of economic momentum. In this object Pakistan market has been suffered a lot. If we want to make Pakistan a true democratic state then we have to improve our system.


Lahore November 20.