SIALKOT-Chairman University of Sialkot (USKT) Faisal Manzur has stressed on the need for promotion of quality education across the World in active collaboration with the academia in a bid to open the doors of quality education on every child.

He stated this while addressing the participants of 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s Baku State University (BSU) recently held at Convention Centre Baku-Azerbaijan.

Government of Azerbaijan had officially invited University of Sialkot’s Chairman Faisal Manzur and Executive Director Rehan Younas to participate and address the mega international prestigious event.

Rector of State University of Baku-Azerbaijan Mr Elchin Babayov chaired the prestigious celebrations.

USKT Chairman Faisal Manzoor addressed the intelligentsia and academia of the world there. He said “Universities were not confined to their premises, their regions and their countries. If this world has to become a better place to live, its us, the people from academia who have that vision and spirit. So lets join hands and make the world a better place.”

USKT Executive Director Rehan Younas said that development in academia linkages is now vital to ensure easy access of everyone to quality education in the world.