KARACHI       -       A large number of students, activists and supporters participated in the Student Solidarity March led by the Student Action Committee (SAC) to present a charter of demands like restoration

of student unions and better education facilities in Karachi. The march kicked off early in the evening in Karachi. Students, parents, lawyers as well as prominent civil society members gathered at Regal Chowk and then marched to Atrium Mall to reach the Karachi Press Club.Speaking to the media, Jibran Nasir said that he had come to support the country’s future as students are the future. “We must realise that our future will never be bright if we keep on lighting monuments of the past,” he said. “Any real and new leadership that comes forth in the country will not cross through the corridors of Aabpaara and Pindi. It will come from colleges and universities,” said Nasir.A large number of students from Karachi universities, hailing from various ethnicities

participated in the march. Naujawan Inqilabi Tehreek, Home-Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF) and National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) also supported the march, demanding an end to the unannounced martial law at the educational institutions, ban on student unions and disrespect to educational institutions.They said regular elections of student unions also provide alternate leadership to the nation

and maintain democratic atmosphere in educational institutions.

They said it is shame that all parties in power in the centre and provinces have their own student wings, which are being used for political gains, but these parties are shy of giving

basic democratic rights to people, including students.They said that this student solidarity march is a new symbol

of struggle of students, and workers fully support it. They demanded that the right to making student unions should be accepted in all educational institutions. Education should not be made a trade. Education

from primary to university

level should be free. There should be a uniform curriculum and educational system. The youth should be provided jobs or joblessness allowance. The Rangers should be withdrawn from educational institutions and the buildings and hostels in their use should be retrieved. The education budget should be doubled by slashing non-development