Cancer is a major health problem in Pakistan. Pakistan has highest number of breast cancer patients in Asia . Breast cancer is still considered a taboo in our society. Similarly, a recent study shows that breast cancer was among top 20 causes of death in Pakistan. Thirty per cent of all cancers occur in breast, making it the most commonly diagnosed female cancer. Pakistan also has the highest consumption of tobacco in South Asia. A large number of patients are not aware that they have cancer until they are in critical stage of cancer. On the other hand. In 2013, Pakistan established a cancer registry that compiles data on cancer patients from across the country which is an important in cancer prevention and control in Pakistan . As a result, in 2016 , 18 hospitals provide about 80 per cent of the cancer treatment in the country. Thus, this October is observed as cancer month and all health authorities should make an effort to talk about the disease and to aware the public also social media can play a very significant role in spreading awareness about breast cancer.