Stormzy rejects Jay-Z collaboration

LOS ANGELES (CM): Stormzy turned down a collaboration with Jay-Z. The 26-year-old rapper has admitted the ‘Empire State of Mind’ hitmaker was lined up to appear on his and Ed Sheeran’s track ‘Take Me Back To London’ after a suggestion from the ‘Shape of You’ star, but Stormzy rejected the opportunity because it was ‘’not the right song’’ for them to work together on.

He explains: ‘’We were all in the studio. In my Glasto performance, there was a video [of me and Jay-Z].

‘’We went to the studio, we all went to make a song and the song was ‘Take Me Back to London’. We were all in the studio writing, me, Ed Sheeran and Jay Z.

‘’Before that I loved ‘Take Me Back To London’ because I thought it was just going to be me and Ed and then Ed was like, ‘Jay is getting on it.’

‘’It blew my mind. Jay-Z is my number one hero inspiration. We got into the studio and we were writing for this song and then he just stops the music and he said, ‘Tell me about London, I need some inspiration.’

‘’Me and my manager were telling him about London and we had this powerful, beautiful, greatest conversation of my entire life so that’s where that footage [at Glastonbury] came from. ‘’We were talking about everything from black culture, community, music, his journey, my journey, it was the greatest conversation of my life.

Jamie Oliver wants to open more restaurants

LOS ANGELES (GN): Jamie Oliver wants to open more restaurants. The 44-year-old celebrity chef was heartbroken when his restaurant chain, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, went into administration in May this year, but has now said that he could be tempted to try his hand at a new restaurant business in the future, though not until ‘’after Brexit’’.

When asked if he’d open any new chains, he said: ‘’Absolutely I’ll think about it, but not until after Brexit and after the high street has sorted itself out. If you run a business in this country, there has been no good news for anybody for five years. It’s been tough and there is a lot of mess to sort out.’’ Jamie was most disheartened to have closed his restaurant Fifteen, which was the eatery in which the successful graduates from Channel 4 documentary series ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’ were offered positions.

Fifteen also formed part of the Fifteen Foundation, which aimed to inspire disadvantaged youth, including those with drug or alcohol problems, the unemployed and the homeless, to believe in themselves and the possibility of becoming chefs.

Speaking about Fifteen during an appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, Jamie added: ‘’It was 13 years of hard work and Fifteen was my baby, but I ran out of money, ran out of everything and it was really tough, but you have to crack on and try to get yourself together. I’ve had the best of it - I don’t know anyone who had it better than me - and I’ve had the worst of it - that’s life. You have to focus it to a positive.’’