Yet another train accident took place in Liaquatpur, where 74 passengers lost their lives and 40 sustained multiple injuries. According to the eye-witnesses, due to short-circuit, this horrifying incident occurred. Incidentally, Sukkur Express also caught fire in Shikarpur today owing to short-circuit, but luckily the local villagers doused the fire and rescued the passengers.

Paradoxically, train accidents have been taking place routinely across the country, and during past one year, there have occurred 80 train accidents. In the tenure of incumbent Railways Minister, 7 such gut-wrenching train accidents have occurred, where many people lost their lives and Railways has had to bear millions of loss.

Instead of taking responsibility of deplorable conditions of railways system, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed, Railways Minister, shifted the blame to the passengers for the explosion out of gas cylinder. He should have at least self-introspection this time, focus on his work and take some immediate measures to better the dilapidated conditions of our railways to avoid such incidents in future.