LOS ANGELES-Vanessa Hudgens is ‘’fascinated’’ by her style evolution. The ‘Spring Breakers’ star has sported a number of looks throughout the years and she is always amazed by how her style has changed.

She said: ‘’I think the message is that women don’t have to be one thing. We’re so multifaceted; the more we embrace our duality, the stronger we are ... My style, and the evolution of it, is something that’s fascinating to me. Where I was ten years ago is so different from where I am now. It was a very Bohemian time for me. I would always be in maxi dresses with feather earrings and my long hair. I just felt so feminine and flowy. Now, I love an iconic look.’’

And the 30-year-old actress thinks people struggle to tell her age because of her breakout role in ‘High School Musical’.

She added to Women’s Wear Daily: ‘’No one ever gets my age right, I used to want to be older when I was younger. Now that I’m 30, if you tell me I look underage, I actually greatly appreciate it. Most people are acquainted with me via ‘High School Musical’, so I think in their eyes, I’ll be forever 15.