ISLAMABAD As the military operation Rah-e-Nijat is successfully progressing against terrorists in South Waziristan from three different directions, security forces have discovered a passport of Said Bahaji, one of the plotters of 9/11 Twin Towers terrorist attacks on the US. Well-placed security sources told TheNation on Thursday that Said Bahaji, a German national and one of the members of the Hamburg Cell is the most wanted by the CIA allegedly for providing logistics and finances to the 9/11 hijackers. Said Bahaji, whose passport was discovered during search operations in South Waziristan, arrived in Karachi on September 4, 2001, merely a week ahead of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. Meanwhile, General Officer Commanding Maj Gen Khalid Rabbani in a media briefing said 82 militants have been killed whereas six security men were martyred and 35 wounded during the fighting for Sherongai. The security forces have successfully smashed a major bastion of ethnic Uzbek militants in South Waziristan in fierce fighting during the past 24 hours leaving eleven terrorists killed while one soldier was martyred and two others wounded. On Jandola-Sararogha Axis, the security forces are consolidating their positions while the important town of Inzar Kalay has been fully sanitized and cleared of mines, IEDs and bobby traps. Clearance of Zariwam is in progress where during securing of heights north of Ganra Kas, 5 terrorists fleeing from the area were killed. Due to terrorists mortar fire one soldier embraced Shahadat and 2 injured. On Shakai- Kaniguram Axis the security forces are expanding their perimeter of security and closing in towards Kaniguram from east and west. During expansion towards Kaniguram, a comprehensive training centre of terrorists has been discovered in area North West of Khaikaeh Narai - 2 Kms South of Kaniguram. The security forces secured important height point 2200 west of Kaniguram overlooking road Gani Khel and Mazakai. During securing of this feature, 6 terrorists have been killed along with destruction of 4 bunkers. Asman Manza feature located 1 km north of Kaniguram overlooking Kaniguram and facilitating move towards Kaniguram has also been secured while forces are consolidating their positions at Servek and Tarkona Narai. On Razmak - Makeen Axis, the security forces after fully securing Sharakai Sar, successfully moved forward and secured Pakalita and Manza Sar feature North East of village China along main axis Razmak -Makeen. Consolidation of their positions by security forces at Shaga, point 6813, Tip-Ghar Top and green top is continuing while position in eastern portion and central area of Nawazkot is also being consolidated. So far, 7,099 cash cards have been distributed amongst the displaced families of Waziristan. Meanwhile, security forces have secured key areas of Sherongai as they continued their advance on militants stronghold Sararogha during the ongoing opreaton Rah-e-Nijat. He said security forces have secured Sherongai area from Uzbek militants. A large number of Chechan, Uzbek and Turkmen militants are also present in Shakai-Ladha area. He expressed the hope that Kaniguram area would be cleared soon.