LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday announced a bonus equivalent to one week’s salary for all LWMC staff in recognition of their services to keep the City clean on Eidul Azha.

Shahbaz lauded the management and workers of LWMC (Lahore Waste Management Company) in his message, saying that Lahore’s cleanliness was exemplary on this Eid.

The company claimed fulfilling its commitment to keep the City clean and waste-free on Eid. The accomplishment of ‘Mission Clean Lahore on Eid’ was made possible with the untiring efforts of LWMC field and office staff who remained on duty round-the-clock during the three Eid days.

An LWMC spokesperson said vigorous arrangements were made to ensure maximum cleanliness throughout the city. More than 10,000 workers, 150 Eid camps, 40 temporary waste collection points, 1,500 collection vehicles and a dedicated helpline all played their crucial role in making the Clean Lahore dream come true, the spokesperson added.

During the three days, 27,000 tonnes animal waste was collected from the city and transferred to dumpsites, using latest machinery of Albayrak and Ozpak. The LWMC resolved 2,000 complaints registered at the helpline, with 22 agents providing 24-hour service to the citizens.

LWMC Managing Director Waseem Ajmal Ch personally supervised the operations and ensured maximum possible service delivery through his field presence and visits, along with other officers, to various camps, contractors’ workshops, call centre headquarters and dumpsites.

On first day of Eid, the MD visited North Lahore before Eid prayers and suspended assistant manager operations, one motor vehicle inspector, one sanitary inspector and one driver on account of negligence.

LWMC Chairman Khawaja Hassan Ahmed also visited field camps on all three days and expressed deep satisfaction over general condition of cleanliness.

LWMC and its contractor companies served lunch to all staff in field and offices during Eid days while all LWMC offices remained open guiding citizens for speedy removal of waste after slaughtering of sacrificial animals.

In a message, LWMC MD appreciated his whole staff and thanked citizens for cooperating with company’s workers. “With residents’ cooperation and LWMC’s efforts, we will transform Lahore into one of the cleanest cities on world’s map, Insha’allah,” he said.

In order to sensitise general public about LWMC’s arrangements and to pursue them for compliance, electronic messages were aired through radio, TV and cable networks. The citizens were also guided through various print messages on banners, steamers and special leaflets as to how to dispose animal waste responsibly and keep their surroundings clean.

For the first time in history, the cleanliness operation was monitored live and its real time pictures were updated on various websites for the public to see the work going on live. Some 12,000 pictures of LWMC Eid operations during all three days are available on Punjab Information & Technology Board and LWMC websites.

This high tech monitoring was conducted as per the vision of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif who wanted foolproof arrangements.