After reading the news that this time too, as always, many have gone for Hajj at government expenses as this religious obligation is conditional by Allah, but in Pakistan Islam remains only in words not in practice. The Hajj quota is for the deserving government employees, who cannot afford to perform the obligation, but we see our filthy rich and corrupt politicians take advantage and go for Hajj at government expense. I know that they have large amount of taxpayer’s money at their disposal for expenditure and they know that they are corrupt, but Hajj?

I have no idea how many Hajj our President Asif Ali Zardari has performed? Is he a Hajji? Does not this have its own implications? Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf was invited as a guest by the Saudi royal family and he took his family members on a private jet for Hajj, now I heard that he, as the PM, has the privilege to take some people with him for Hajj, but a private plane? Who is paying for it? Is this Hajj according to Allah’s dictates as per Islam or just a royal outing?


Kuwait, October 25.