Quite a large number of CNG stations in the country are refusing to bring down the prices as ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan or are charging old rates. It has prompted the government to issue a warning that the defiant ones will have their licences confiscated. This is absolutely the right step to bring to an end this gross injustice, though the government’s own Ogra has been to a large extent complicit in this, since it was in collusion with it that the CNG stations were able to make such huge profits. It remains to be seen if the money minted could be accounted for; but one way is definitely the reduction of prices that will give the much needed succour to consumers. The government and its concerned departments like Ogra should ensure that in light of the orders, it does not adopt a similar pricing formula in future.

The filling stations have made enough profits starting from 2008 to present as the court was informed. And now that they have had enough, they must bear with the decision or else get ready for the law to take its course. One of the options that the government can exercise is to take over, while cancelling the licences. The filling stations cannot just go on acting as though there is no one to check them.