ISLAMABAD - Families and youngsters on second and third day of Eid thronged the public parks, openair places and hillsides to celebrate Eid with Bar B Cue parties that filled the air with smoked aroma of grilled foods. Bar B Que parties through family and friend get-togethers are considered as a perfect way to colour and savour the joyous event of Eid-ul-Azha as meat of different varieties is easily available to every one.

The second major festival of Muslims brings scrumptious and delicious dishes of meat for food lovers and almost every family arranges parties with mouth-watering recipes for sizzling taste buds.

Youngsters arranged special barbecue parties at rooftops, green lawns and open air places, including Lake View Park, road sides of Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa, Chattar park and many other picnic spots for their friends and family members.

“Such parties not only give us an entertainment opportunity to enjoy the Eid festival with loved-ones, but also give a chance to taste different types of dishes made up of sacrificial meat,” Amin Ali, a university student, said.

“Week-long holidays along with pleasant weather have added charm to the Eid festivities as I can enjoy mouth watering meat dishes with my family and friends during this period,” he said.

The people, who have slaughtered their sacrificial animals, are enjoying barbecue and grilling special meat dishes after applying variety of spices and ingredients.

“I am a vegetarian but after smelling aroma of barbecue, I cannot stop myself from eating meat dishes on the occasion of Eid.

It looks very pleasurable when all family members, relatives and friends enjoy eating dishes and gossips on Eid,” Shumaila Nargis said, while enjoying in a Bar B Cue party at the premises of Margalla Hills.

Eid-ul-Azha comes once in a year and the tradition of sharing meat with neighbors and the needy gives a chance to store more and more meat for the coming days to eat and serve for the guests, she said.

Besides enjoying meat dishes, health experts have asked the citizens not to eat too much meat at a time as it can be harmful for their health.