ISLAMABAD  - The people enjoying the festivities of Eid ul Azha get irritated when the impoverished people ringed their door bells and start asking for their share of sacrificial meat.Most of them are professionals beggars, who send all their family members to different parts of the twin cities during the three days of Eid and later sell it on less rates, said Asad Jalal.He said, “I am resident of Rawalpindi Cantt and celebrate Eid with my parents at Chak Shahzad. Today when I was coming to their home I saw a drug addict, who lives near my house collecting meat from the people”.Zia Shahid, a government employee sharing his views, said that groups of beggars started annoying people early in the Eid day morning. If anyone gets meat from a house, he informs others to get their share from there, he added.Due to these professionals, deserving people are deprived of the meat. There is no check on them, he remarked.Group of women carrying infants, barefooted children and men wearing torn clothes knock at every door asking for meat and later they establish stalls outside slum areas to the meat at cheap rates. Sometimes, they reach some deals with butchers, Anam Khan, a resident of I-9, said. The Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) disseminates the message of sharing, taking caring and feeling miseries of others so that everyone can enjoy Eid but these beggars deprive the deserving of their share, opined Shahnawaz, a government employee.“White collar people, who have less resources but cannot disclose their needs in front of others, are actually the deserving ones. It is our duty to look for those people and distribute meat among them rather than giving it to the professional beggars”, he said.