ISLAMABAD – A colourful Chitrali Cultural Show mesmerized the fun lovers and Chitrali community here on Monday with cultural glimpses and performing arts.

The Khowaar United Welfare Organization arranged the show for the Chitrali community residing in Rawalpindi/Islamabad with the purpose of preserving the local culture of the community and to provide a chance to the people to share their ideas.

According to the organizers, the show was a way to promote the Chitrali culture and local traditions among the new generation.

The performances of the event included Classical Chitrali Dance in different styles, Chitrali Guitar by different local artists, Chitrali Songs by different local singers and different children games.

The performers introduced the Chitrali performing arts through depiction of traditional attires, jewellery and props, which captured complete picture of Chitrali cultural norms and values.

The audience termed the show an excellent opportunity of quality entertainment for the Chirtali community, who rarely get any chance to enjoy their cultural heritage in the Federal Capital.