Nasir Iqbal Khattak

KARAK – Former MNA from district Karak, Shamsur Rehman Khattak has alleged that Rs 280 million of production bonus funds has been utilised by the lawmakers of district Karak on their respective hometowns instead of the uplift of the Tehsil Banda Daud Shah, the producing tehsil of oil and gas resources. He was addressing a large gathering of the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf at Ahmad Bandi here on Monday and regretted that the majority areas of the Tehsil were deprived of the basic amenities while the development funds of the area were being utilised on the uplift of other areas. The former lawmaker regretted that 20 percent areas of the oil and gas producing Tehsil have not been provided with gas facility and the people working in oil and gas companies were non-locals. Khattak stressed on the provision of jobs to the local people in the oil and gas companies. He said that the roads of the Tehsils have been turned into ruins due to heavy load of the oil and gas vehicles and the existing infrastructure of the Tehsil have completely been ruined while the companies have little interest in the reconstruction of the infrastructure. Khattak claimed that the existing public representatives have disappointed the people as they were incompetent and alleged that more then Rs 2 billion were wasted on the installation of pressure pumps by the public representatives just for personal political objectives and resolved to make accountability of them. He added that Major (Retd) Masood Sharif has no authority to distribute the party ticket and resolved to support the candidate to whom the party awards the ticket. On the occasion while addressing to the gathering, where women also participated, the provincial Chief of the women wing of PTI Deena Naz expressed pleasure over the participation of the women in the meeting and added that she was well aware about the non-participation of the women of the area in election. She resolved to convince the elders of the area to get the right of vote to the women and increase the turn out of the women in the upcoming election. The women wing Chief said that women in majority areas of district Karak could not cast their right of vote due to strict local culture and traditions and resolved that women would be brought to the mainstream politics of the country. She added that women have more then half population in the country and they would be provided a chance to take active part in practical politics. She claimed that PTI would bring change in the country and would win the rights for the oppressed segments of the society. Former district President Altaf Qadir Khattak advocate, Col (Retd) Khalid Usman and Engineer Rasheed also spoke to the gathering and resolved to support the party ticket holders candidates in the election.