PESHAWAR – The disposal of offal and animal wastes, thrown away in sensitive parts of the city including the nearby areas of Peshawar airport, cantonment area and railway tracks, needs attention of the authorities concerned. The improper disposal of offal and wastes is not only polluting the environment but also disturbing the aerial traffic in the airspace near the airport. After the slaughtering of animals near railway tracks in cantonment area and other areas of Peshawar, the intestines, offal and other wastes need attention of the authorities to prevent people from spreading pollution in jurisdiction of Peshawar airport and cant areas. Birds pose a safety threat to airplanes, especially during landing and take-off. When birds strike an aircraft traveling at high speed, the impact can sometimes be dangerous. Despite Pakistan Air Force (PAF) awareness campaign before Eid, the locals as well as the municipal staff of Peshawar city could not ensure quick and safe disposal of the remains of the sacrificial animals in the jurisdiction of the airport. The surrounding areas where pollution attracting birds and causes problems to the pilot include Tehkal, Abdara Road, University Town, cantonment area, Saddar, Bara Gat, Swati Patak and customs square. In other major cities the authorities’ making deep ditches for the proper disposal of the of offal and animal flashes while Lime powder also being sprinkled and applied to garbage trolleys and sacrificial places to avoid pollution and rush of birds. But unfortunately in Peshawar the authorities are not sincere to tickle these problems due to which not only the entire area get polluted but also disrupting the aerial traffic. It is direly needed that cantonment board as well as Town administration ensures the removal of dirty flashes and meet of animal from the sites of slaughtering centers in order to avoid any misshape. Similarly some residents throwing the animals` waste into narrow drains, causing stringent smell in their locality. The reckless attitude of the local municipal administration and residents not caring for cleanliness could also cause diseases.There is severe need that municipal administration should ensure that the waste of each animal should be dumped in deep ditches to avoid pollution as well as rush of birds toward slaughtering sites in the city. Those people who violate law and leaving animal wastes on open surface of the earth must be charges with heavy fine to forces them to keep the environment clean.