News about Pakistan High Commission, London urged me to write this letter. According to the news published in UK newspapers, Pakistan High Commission in London has issued a one year’s valid passport to an illegal immigrant, who already had a fake passport; he applied for a new one after he claimed to have lost the first one. I want to point out that such elements are working not only against the state but also shatter the reputation of Pakistan.

British media is fulfilling its duty and proving its nationalism by publishing this news. But our representative who has dual nationality has no sense of responsibility towards a government who he is representing in UK. He didn’t bother to follow rules and regulations, while other’s have faced extraordinary hindrance in getting their legal and legitimate work done from the High Commission in London.

I can challenge, if authorities check the records at high commission that I can find many such cases. Officials issued Pakistani visas to the persons whose names were included in Black List by the Pakistan government. Several times, the high commission didn’t bother to follow the policy of Pakistan information ministry and issued visas randomly.

Security of Pakistan has been compromised on several occasions. The reasons behind all these irregularities are (high commission officials) and their personal relations and friendships. Posts such as his are given to people who have contacts in high places, but these same people, educated, seem to lack moral and ethical values that we as Muslims and Pakistani should be proud of. But they are bringing shame to everyone in Pakistan.

Never before has our High Commission been compromised and slandered in the press. The UK media seems to hold a special grudge against us, with the cricket scandal and now this. I would like to request everyone who lives in a foreign country to please respect Pakistan. The high commissioner was heard saying that he did not care for Pakistan as he holds dual nationality and he said he is not bound by Pakistan government, and no one could force him to come to Pakistan and answer any charges, if they were brought against him, as he proved in the Haqqani case.

Pakistani community settled in UK is very depressed, because off the high commissioner’s activities, through which several time he has put respect and solidarity of Pakistan at stake. Other countries’ representatives are working day and night busy in building the image of their countries but our representative is busy in his own kingdom. I thought that a High Commissioner was a representative of Pakistan, am I wrong in my presumption?


London, October 25.