HAFIZABAD - Former Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad has declared that America is the enemy of Muslims and Islam as she does not let any opportunity to harm Muslims across the world. He said that Pakistan's joining of so-called war on terror had resulted in ruining its economy over the past 12 years.

Addressing gatherings in Jalalpur Bhattian and Punj Grain, 25 km from here, the former JI chief criticized both the rulers and apposition for appeasing their master (America) to perpetuate their rule. He said that since becoming ally of the US over the past 12 years back, Pakistan had become a front line state but it had not been benefited from its affiliation and instead lawlessness, extremism, terrorism, unemployment, hunger and corruption had increased to great extent. He said that due to unrealistic policies of the rulers no one felt secure and every day bomb explosion, murders and dacoities had made the country as unstable.

While talking to the local mediamen, Qazi Hussain Ahmed demanded execution of the verdict in Asghar Khan Case and maintained that no member of JI had ever got plot or other illegitimate privileges from the government in the past because his party believed in accountability.

He claimed that the rulers had deprived the masses of even one time meal while on the other hand were living luxury life and were building palaces in foreign countries. He said that due to unrealistic economic policies of the rulers the skilled persons and capitalists were abandoning the country for their batter future abroad. He said that the rulers had absolutely failed to resolve any of the problems confronting the nation and instead it had generated multiple problems, which had made the lives of masses miserable.

Replying to a question, he said Muttahida Majlas-i-Amal (MMA) had not yet been revived and declared that the JI would decide on joining the MMA after developing a consensus within the party.

The former Jamaat ameer pointed out that the JI would vigorously participate in the forthcoming elections and would make seat adjustments, if necessary, in some places with like-minded parties.

He urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure holding of next general election on schedule. Prominent among those who also addressed the gatherings included JI District Ameer Dr Muhammad Yaseen, General Secretary Aman Ullah Chattha and JI candidate for PP-105 Dr Habib Ullah Cheema.