FAISALABAD - The Supreme Court's Eid gift to the general public has been stolen by the transporters, as transport fares could not be reduced despite SC decision and OGRA in compliance allowed a massive cut in CNG prices.

According to media reports, as if this was not enough, the transporters are also extorting 'Eidi' from the commuters returning from their native towns to their places of duties/businesses. The people struck by the sky-high prices had heaved a sigh of relief after a massive slash in CNG prices hoping that benefit would also reach them in terms of low transport fares, but the transport mafia arrogantly ignoring the very idea of SC order providing some relief to the people not only refused to cut down the transport fares proportionately, but extorting commuters in the name of 'Eidi'.

Commuters complained that the transporters availing low priced CNG, yet the fares are not being reduced. Rickshaw and taxi drivers are also compelling the commuters to pay their demand fares, as they also want to make most on the eve of Eid at the cost hapless public.

The people have demanded from the government to take action against the obstinate transport mafia and force them to slash the transport fares in proportion to the low cost CNG now made available. The regional transport authorities and the traffic police be given clear directives to enforce the new fares that could benefit the common man also.