ISLAMABAD - Like other countries, Muslims celebrated Eid-al-Azha in traditional manner   in across the country including the federal capital by sharing reflections and joy of the special occasion as well as by offering ‘Kurbani’ of sacrificial animals in line with the Islamic tradition set by Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH).

Small and big Eid congregations were held at hundreds of Eidgahs, principal mosques and open places throughout the country. In their Eid sermons, Ulema and Khateeb highlighted the significance and philosophy of the sacrifice and urged the Muslims to follow the teachings of Islam that call for greater unity of Muslim Ummah.  Special prayers were offered for the integrity, solidarity and prosperity of the country and unity between the Muslim Ummah.  The Ulema urged the Muslims to shun petty differences, stand united and seek Allah’s blessings for emancipation from all ills. Special security measures were made by the Interior Ministry to thwart any untoward incident as security officials were deployed outside the mosques, Eidgahs and open places where faithful offered Eid.