ISLAMABAD – The Young Doctors Association (YDA), Islamabad chapter, has warned its administration against the victimization of the association’s representatives in the pretext of inquiry initiated into the attack of Executive Director Office of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), otherwise the association has very limited options to opt for its survival.The Ministry of Capital Administration and Development has directed the Executive Director of the hospital to initiate the inquiry into the incident in which two doctors were injured and the ED office was damaged. Latif Laghari, Sr. Joint Secretary, is the chairman of this inquiry team and this inquiry is against YDA Islamabad’s representatives only as the administration has totally ignored those armed outsiders and their colleagues who has the key role in the incident of October 20.In a statement the YDA Islamabad said ‘it has always remained peaceful and the incident of October 20 in which Executive Director’s office was smashed was totally done by outsiders and YDA Federal members. The outsiders including Dr. Ajmal was armed with gun and threatened us with gun and all these people used abusive language. The YDA Islamabad remained peaceful and decided to avoid these attackers and went to administration to complain against these armed outsiders’.But these people chased YDA, Islamabad representatives to the admin and started breaking crockery, furniture and windowpanes. They also pushed YDA members on doors and injured them and two YDA Islamabad members including Dr. Taqqi and Dr. Ejaz were badly injured.The administration called a meeting in Children Hospital immediately after this incident. The meeting was attended by Acting ED Dr. Amjad Choudry, Deputy ED Dr. Hashim Raza, Joint ED Children Hospital Dr. Raja Amjad, President Joint Action Committee (JAC) Manzar Abbas Naqvi, all the YDA members and Dr. Ajmal along with Dr. Imran Rana, Dr. Israr and Dr. Fartash. The meeting resolved and decided that the matter is over now as a responsible person from Shaheena Jamil family will come to apologize for physical torture of their guard on two young doctors on October 18. The YDA accepted this decision and did not launch any complain or FIR for those armed persons only for the sack of patients care but now the PIMS admin is going to victimize YDA Islamabad through an inquiry.