At District Headquarters Hospital of Vehari, the patients are not being provided with healthcare thereby exposing the government’s claims of the provision of free medical treatment and medicines at state-run hospitals, it is learnt.

The patients are forced to purchase medicines from private medical store. The attitude of doctors and paramedics toward the patients is not appropriate. Most of the of doctors posted in the DHQ Hospital practice at private hospitals and clinics as well depriving the patients at the state-run hospital of healthcare. The patients are force to visit their private clinics for treatment.

Moreover, the sanitation condition at the hospital is very poor as sweepers are not ready to do their duty. Garbage is found here and there. It is also come into notice that the government issues funds but the local administration misappropriates the same.

Also at the Children Complex, the parents have to face disappointment due to absence of doctors. The DHQ Hospital’s expansion is in process but it is already facing shortage of doctors and other staff with only 12 specialist doctors, 11 medical officers, 4 women medical officers and 4 principal medical officers.

Mortality rate has also increase in the hospital due to insufficient facilities. The administration has no interest in improving the situation system. A few days ago, wife of Zafar Iqbal, a resident of 16-WB, gave birth to a baby girl in absence of paramedics and doctors. Resultantly, the newborn died.

Another patient, Sabban Bibi, was brought to the emergency with high blood pressure but expired without any treatment. Her son Zulfiqar told newsmen that they searched for a doctor in the whole hospital but to no avail.

When contacted, Medical Superintendent Dr Ashraf refused to comment on the mortality issue but said that the hospital was faced with shortage of doctors.