LAHORE - It was revealed through documents that representatives (Robina Jamil, Nasir Gulzar and others) of All Pakistan Trade Union Federation — a known body of labourers — illegally opened a bank account for earthquake relief fund and later withdrew $14,000 from the bank cashing off fund for country’s worst earthquake hit people in 2005.

The fraudulent cheque was ultimately signed by Robina as APTUF president and Nasir Gulzar as treasurer who were not designated at posts in the APTUF.

When the matter came into knowledge of other union workers they registered a case against the falsified transaction in the Ghalib Market police station.

As investigations were underway, in order to discharge the case and to prove themselves as the genuine leaders of APTUF, Robina Jamil, Nasir Gulzar and their fellows submitted an election activity of the union in National Industrial Relation Commission (NIRC) in 2011. (NIRC is a federal government department deals with the matter of unions in the country). Here they succeeded to get a registration letter validating their designation.

The entire case turn around when the letter pad which was submitted in the NIRC showing union election 2005 was actually of year 2011. This was pointed out when investigators found an additional digit ‘3’ in their office phone number which was added in landline series by the PTCL after 2009.

“They were clearly fake. They were not representative of APTUF. They withdrew the earthquake relief funds for their personal use,” said the complainant while providing detail documents to this scribe.

“A theft can’t remain hidden,” said the complainant. The complainants appealed the NIRC to take up the matter as a test case making an example out of those who messed with relief of earthquake hit victims.  When contacted, Robina said that her opponents were hatching conspiracies only to malign her.

“We were the real activists of APTUF and in 2005 we got elected by genuine election,” she said, adding the NIRC, had given them the registration letter. She held that her opponent never proved themselves right at any forum-- not in police inquiry nor in the NIRC.