PESHAWAR - Former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister and Awami National Party MNA Ameer Hairder Khan Hoti Tuesday rebuffed the allegations levelled by his father Senator Azam Khan Hoti against the party’s leadership and said, “It is nothing more than a family dispute.”

“Actually my father politicised this non-political rather a family dispute for the sake of personal grudges, “ Haider Hoti alleged while speaking at a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday.

He said that levelling such allegations against ANP and its leadership was not for the first time, as in the past the party and its workers were declared agents of Russia, then that of the United States and even decrees of “Kufr” during the martial law and also in the former democratic dictatorial regimes were given but later on ‘time’ which is the biggest judge, proved them false and baseless.

Clarifying his position to speak on the occasion, he said though it wasn’t his task to answer the allegations levelled or questions raised against the ANP and party leadership as having no such organisational responsibility but to illuminate it in personal capacity because it was a family dispute not a political one.

He also said that internal disputes in societies like ours was a common phenomenon and political families were also not above such disputes. He said that his father has a rift with rest of the family members in which he (Haider) was too sided with rest of family members. “It was quite easy for anybody to go on internet and find out that what sort of family dispute that Azam Hoti has with party central leadership,” he maintained.

“I totally reject all these allegations levelled by my father Senator Azam Hoti against ANP Central Chief Asfandyar Wali Khan and Afrasiab Khattak for his personal grudges, as he (Azam Hoti) did not have any proof of getting $35 million from the US,” he added. He said that presently a process of party internal elections were being carried out in ANP and only time will prove it that party workers have complete confidence in the leadership of Asfandyar Wali, who is the real successor of party founder Bacha Khan and Wali Khan.

To the accusations against Asfandyar for having properties in shapes of hotels in Malaysia and shopping plazas in Dubai, he said these were totally baseless allegations, as they (Asfandyar and Afrasiab) did not have any properties abroad, adding, “Those who are levelling accusations should move to court if he has any proof.” “These baseless allegations are not less than a novel and have no relation with reality,” Hoti remarked.

To a query about “Easy Load” issue, Azam Hoti said that he was blamed for easy load but actually easy load used to go somewhere else. He said that there are laws, court of justices, and governments and inquiries must be initiated into these allegations.

Earlier, ANP Peshawar chapter Secretary Information Azam Mughal while speaking at a news conference termed ANP former leader and father of former chief minister Senator Azam Hoti “Cycle Chor” (bicycle thieve) and car lifter. He said that Hoti levelled baseless allegations against ANP Central Chief Asfandyar Khan for which he didn’t have any proof.  Mughal asked Senator Hoti to avoid levelling such false allegations, otherwise, a proof of mega corruption made by Azam Hoti in motorway project would be made public.

He also regretted the statement of Azam Hoti to disclose revelations regarding properties of Asfandyar and Afrasiab by bringing patwaris concerned along with revenue record in a TV programme.

To a query regarding corruptions made during the previous ANP-led provincial government, Mughal said that it was a dirty game and we all were equally responsible.