I would like to bring the attention of the concerned authorities a social welfare issue that is troubling the senior citizens of Pakistan. As we know that The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has exempted senior citizens from the renewal of computerized national identity cards (CNICs), which entails that every Pakistani, when reaching the age of 65, will not need to renew their CNIC and the existing CNIC will remain valid until death. The senior citizens appreciated this step, as they don’t have to bear the hassle of renewing their CNICs.

If NADRA can exempt senior citizens from the CNIC’s renewal process, then the government of Pakistan should take necessary and swift steps to exempt senior citizens from renewing other licenses as well. It is normal that license holders of any type are required to come physically to the office to complete the renewal process. It becomes difficult for senior citizens to endure a rigorous renewal process of licenses and identity cards, as they cannot stand in line for hours and do not have the strength to pass through the documentation process that is marred with mismanagement and loop holes.


Karachi, October 28.