PESHAWAR : KPCCI President Zahidullah Shinwari has urged upon provincial government to take concert steps for industrialisation and promotion of trade activities in the province. Linking peace with economic development, he said that business community of the province is fully paying taxes. Instead of levying more taxes on existing tax payers, government should find out more tax payers to be included in tax net in the province, he explained. In this connection KPCCI would back govt, adding that govt should introduce business community friendly policies, he said this during his meeting with officials of the national institute of management college Peshawar here on Tuesday.

Moreover, he said that govt should provide all sort of facilities to the tax payers adding it would help not only to improve net of tax payers but also to enhance trade activities in the province. Shinwari said that owing to poor law and order situation business s community of the province has been ahead with numerous problems and the government must take steps.

 in this regard.