There have been many scandals involving politicians and the courts and the law remains helpless in front of these rich people. There has been another involving the former chief minister Punjab, Dost Mohammad Khosa, and a missing dancing girl Sapna Khan, who was his wife. The family of missing Sapna has approached the Supreme Court to order Punjab police to investigate the matter judiciously. Sapna’s family is the aggrieved party, yet it is called and harassed by the police, while the police have never summoned Dost Khosa. Do such matters have to be referred to either High Courts or the Supreme Court for redress of grievances? Of course, yes, because the powerful feudal, fond of marrying and treating the women as their doormats, have also to discard them sooner or later. Dost Khosa is no exception, in fact, politics brings huge wealth and easy money which has its own problems, such as the one Dost Khosa faces. Poor Sapna is missing and the police instead of helping her family are set on intimidating them. Dost Khosa must be humming, “Catch me if you can”. Let us see how the apex court decides the matter and takes the arrogant and powerful matador by the horns.


Lahore, October 22.