MADINA - Most of the pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia faced diseases like fever, sore throats, acute phyringitis, rhinitis and Asthma revealed doctors on Haj operation duty at Madina. He said these diseases spread owing to people to people contact, over crowdedness and fatigue.   “We have purchased medicines of worth Rs. 60 millions to take care of Pakistani pilgrims”, said doctor. He said that Medical mission comprising army and civil paramedical staff were providing best medical facility to hujjaj round the clock in Saudi Arabia. “We have 14 dispensaries one hospital in Makah, two dispensaries, one hospital in Medina and one dispensary Jeddah”, said an official. He said in peak days, “we have treated around 6 to 7 thousand patients daily in the OPD in Makah”. He said around 423 paramedical staff selected from army and civilian departments served the pilgrims. He said the mission has operations theaters, laboratory, X-ray machines and a dental clinic. Around 60 million was allocated by the government for the medicine for hujjaj, he added.   He said a hospital with 20 beds, 10 each for male and female having all the basic facilities were set up in Medina. He said that the Mission refers patients visiting in serious health condition to five to six hospitals of Saudi Arabia for better treatment.  He said the Saudi Arabia’s hospitals did not charge from Pakistani pilgrim. To a question he said presently the mission is facing shortage of ambulances since ambulances purchased by Ministry Religious Affairs do not meet the standards of Ambulances set by Saudi government. Saudi authorities believe that ambulances purchased by Pakistan government were not properly equipped and added that sometimes mission has to call Saudi ambulances for shifting of patients from one place to another. He also urged the government not send old people (male) for hajj without their relatives as locals bring lost old people in poor health conditions to hospitals and later on nobody appears for them.