“The recent visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to America and his earlier address to the United Nations General Assembly has infused a new spirit in the ongoing Kashmir freedom movement, said Kashmiri intellects.

Airing these views in the popular current affairs program “Radio Forum” of Azad Kashmir Radio Mirpur and Radio FM 93 on Tuesday over the recent visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to the US, seasoned intellectuals representing diverse segments of civil society including Justice (r) Abdul Majeed Mallick, PML-N AJK central Finance Secretary Ch Muhammad Saeed and renewed writer and journalist Raja Soharab Ahmed Khan described Nawaz Sharif’s visit as beneficial for the Kashmir cause vis-à-vis raising the importance of the early peaceful settlement of the lingering conflict through due involvement and support of the international community.

The program, titled “The visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to US and Kashmir issue” was conceived and produced by the Station Director Muhammad Shakeel and hosted by senior Kashmiri journalist and analyst Altaf Hamid Rao.

Continuing, the guests of the program stated that in fact it was after an interval of many years that any democratic head of the government of Pakistan (elected Prime Minister) has comprehensively emphasized on the implement of the UN resolutions on Kashmir issue to ensure its solution without further loss of time.

“Prime Minister Sharif endeavoured to persuade US President Obama to use his influence on India to agree to allow Jammu & Kashmir people to decide their future through free and fair plebiscite under the spirit of the UN resolutions”, they observed.

Sharing his views, seasoned Kashmiri politician and jurist Justice (r) Abdul Majeed Mallick said, “in view of hostile attitude of India on bilateral dialogue on Kashmir issue and denial by America to use its influence on India to initiate dialogue with Pakistan, it had become incumbent upon Pakistan to take new initiatives on Kashmir”.

Justice (r) Mallick continued that the freedom movement in Indian occupied Kashmir was at its climax as the Indian occupation forces had also demonstrated their helplessness to overcome the freedom struggle against the forced and unlawful Indian rule. “The tempo of the Kashmir freedom movement suggests that it is right time for Pakistan to embark upon practical action to accomplish the logical object of the movement”, he said.

“May be it is appropriate time that Kashmir policy adopted in 1947 - 48, under the guidance of Quaid-e-Azadm, deserves to be restored to attract the sympathy and support of the international community in aid of the ongoing Kashmir freedom movement”, he opined.

Seeking the due involvement of Kashmiris in the talks between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue, the former AJK HC CJ said that one of the opinions was that Pakistan now fully trust the wisdom and devotion of Kashmiri leadership and entrust the leading role to it so that Kashmiri leaders move forward at international forum to mobilize public opinion in its favour. “Obviously India which appears uncomfortable in Kashmir, would have to succumb to the international pressure and agree to grant right to self-determination to the people of Jammu & Kashmir, which New Delhi has denying at the might of her occupying military power in the held state under her traditional stubborn and hostile approach”, he concluded.