In the wake of the protest held by parents and students against non-provision of basic facilities and shortage of teachers at Uch Sharif Government Primary School Makhan Bela, an education officer visited the school.

EDO (Education) Ishfaq Gujjar directed Deputy DEO Chaudhry Tariq Javed to visit the school and present a report to him. The officer visited the school and assured the protesters of provision of teachers soon and missing facilities.

Common public, political and social personalities of the area including Zubair Khan Niazi, Abdul Sattar Khan and Arshad Khan said that the future of the local students was at stake as the school building lacked classrooms and the students had to learn by sitting under the open sky. Talking to the media, Deputy DEO Chaudhry Tariq Javed pledged to remove the educational grievances.

HEALTH AT STAKE: In Rahim Yar Khan, there are a large number of factories which are involved in preparing Ghee and cooking oil with the chicken fat and other wastage. Due to the preparation of oil, a large number of people living around these factories are affected by the smoke and bad odour of the burning skin.

The unhygienic oil is sold to local bakeries and vendors. Near National Highway Rahim Yar Khan’s industrial area, in Dawood Agricultural Farm, a factory is working under the name of Dawood Feed Meal Protein Plant, where cooking the unhealthy oil is being prepared.

The local people have demanded a strict action against the people playing with the public health.