Beijing:The Hugh Jackman-starring comic book film pulls in another $14.5 million to beat Donnie Yen’s “Special ID” for two weeks running.

Late arrival on Chinese screens appears to have done no harm to The Wolverine, with the Japan-set comic book franchise taking $14.5 million in the week to Oct. 27 for a total of $33 million in 11 days.

The movie opened in July in most other markets, which normally gives the pirates in China plenty of time to flood the market with fakes DVDs and downloads, but the appeal of going to the theater to see the Hugh Jackman-starring movie is strong in the world’s second biggest market. There were 2.4 million admissions during the week for The Wolverine, data from Entgroup showed. Data this month showed that China’s box office take was $2.7 billion in the first nine months of 2013, a 35 percent hike on the same three quarters last year, with domestic movies racking up a powerful display in the period. However, foreign movies proved strongest in Chinese theaters last week, as The Wolverine again contained the challenge of local favorite Donnie Yen’s Shenzhen-set cop movie Special ID.–HR