Though we have not seen a proactive government, whether it is regarding Eid holidays or any other holidays, this year the salaried class will face tremendous problem, as banks will remain close for four days, November 1 to 4, i.e., Saturday through Tuesday, as 9 and 10 Moharram falls on Monday and Tuesday. These prolonged bank holidays will affect all salaried people and government employees as well as pensioners, who receive their payments on the first of the month. This means that the first month of the Islamic year (1436 Al-Hijri ) will be really hard for the low, fixed income group, who live on salary or pension. Two options are available for the Government to avoid this hardship. The first that the Government may issue instructions to AGPR/Accountants General to pay salaries and pension on Friday October 31, or State Bank of Pakistan may instruct all banks to stay open on Saturday for payment of salary and pension to government employees. It is hoped that an early decision is taken in this regard in the public interest.


Islamabad, October 26.