While there is no cure for Polio, this crippling disease can be prevented by immunization. Although several anti-polio campaigns started, the number of polio cases has recently reached to an alarming figure of 220, across the country. 220 cases that could have been curbed, had the children been administered a few drops of polio vaccine. Baseless rumors and misconceptions about polio vaccines being haraam or rendering men and women infertile or weakening children are just that, rumors. The government has recently been taking steps for eradicating of polio by launching awareness campaigns and providing the workers with guards for protection but if the parents’ don’t cooperate then this disease will continue to prevail. I would like to tell all parents that by refusing vaccination they are damaging their child’s future. I urge these people to think about their children’s future instead of focusing on rumors. Also, the government should increase the polio awareness campaigns in the areas where this problem is notably more prevalent, such as in KPK and Sindh.


Karachi, October 26.