Electronic cigarette or E-cigarette was invented as an aid to root out the menace of smoking; unfortunately it is becoming a trend among the teenagers. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes in which users breathe in flavoured vapours instead of tobacco smoke. These emissions are not purely water vapours and are known to contain large concentrations of propylene glycol which is an irritant. E-cigarettes have been invented to help smokers reduce cigarette consumption, but the wide range of flavours and sometimes nicotine are so addictive that they end up as a supplement to cigarettes. E-cigarettes are marketed in such a way that they attract the young. Instead of being used as a therapy, E- cigarettes have become a choice. They have only been commercially available for about six years. Electronic cigarette Industry Trade Association claims that the global industry is increasing by 20% to 30% a month. There is a real danger that E-cigarettes will create a new generation of nicotine addicts.


Rawalpindi, October 23.