These days harassment cases are as common as billboard advertising different branded lawn. Women are always the target of inappropriate groping by men who shamelessly do it ‘just for fun.’ Women face such incidents while walking on the sidewalks, crossing pedestrian bridges, standing at bus stands, and public areas where there is an abundance of these loathsome men waiting around for an unsuspecting prey. Most of the time the victims are stunned; unable to take action. Generally the perpetrators walk away scot free and even if a victim is able to react and call out for help, rarely do men willingly come forward on her behalf to accost such men. Harassment is not just public humiliation, but it also affects the psyche, imbuing fear and paranoia in the heart of the harassed. Laws against sexual harassment need to be stringently enforced. Also, respectable men need to show some gallantry and stand up for their women so that the wretched lot thinks twice before making any sexual advances in this country.


Karachi, October 26.